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Welcome to the Department of Physiology & Biophysics

The theme of research and strength in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics is integration of knowledge obtained from studies at the level of molecules, cells, and organs to understand functions of the body as a whole organism. The main objective of our department is to understand basic mechanisms, and defects in these mechanisms, with the goal of translating this information into diagnoses, therapies and prevention of clinical disorders. Our faculty members lead teams in translational research including drug discovery related to heart failure, hypertension, depression, cancer, and reproductive diseases..

Department Head: Jan Kitajewski, PhD,
Department Business Contact: Lea Smucker,

Department News and Events

Our YouTube channel is now live
Tune in to learn about the research conducted in our department and updates on trends in biomedical research and education.
Link: Physiology YouTube Channel

Publications From The Department: Carlos Stocco, PhD
We would like to congratulate Carlos Stocco and his team for the publication of their recent work describing the genome-wide interactions between FSH and insulin-like growth factors in the regulation of human granulosa cell differentiation. Understanding the mechanisms involved in regulating the differentiation of human granulosa cells will contribute to develop improved treatments for infertility.
Link: Human Reproduction Stocco

Publications From The Department: Alexandra Naba, PhD
Congratulations to Alexandra Naba on her newly published work describing the composition of the extracellular matrix in pancreatic islets during insulinoma progression. This study not only identifies potential anti-angiogenic targets for cancer therapeutics but also provides a comprehensive listing of the extracellular matrix in normal pancreatic islets that may be of interest in efforts to develop treatments for diabetes using pancreatic β cells.
Link: Scientific Reports Naba

Publications From The Department: Chong Wee Liew, PhD
Congratulations to Chong Wee Liew and his team on their recent publication where they demonstrate a role for the transcription regulator TRIP-Br2 in ER stress-induced brown adipose tissue dysfunction. Inhibition of TRIP-Br-2 could be a potential approach for counteracting obesity-induced brown adipose tissue dysfunction.
Link: Scientific Reports Liew

Publications From The Department: Dan Shaye, PhD
Please join us in congratulating Dan Shaye on his recently-published work, in which he and colleagues deciphered how a conserved pathway, consisting of the guanine-exchange factor FGD and the GTPase Cdc42, regulates a network of formin proteins to control actin levels and cell outgrowth during biological tube formation.
Link: Development

Physiology & Biophysics Department celebrates its 27th annual awards recognition evening
The members of the department of Physiology and Biophysics gathered on November 17th 2016 to celebrate the accomplishment of our faculty, postdoctoral trainees, student, and staff awardees. We were honored to also have several members of the Lambrecht’s family with us. Special congratulations to David Ryba (Dr. Solaro’s Lab) for the Mark R. Lambrecht award for scholarship and commitment, Bertha Vandegrift (Dr. Brodie’s Lab) for the Kate Barany graduate student award, and Dr. John M. Kennedy for the Dr. C. Philip L. Hawley distinguished faculty award.
Link: 2016 Awards Evening

Student Award: Maximilian McCann
Please join us in congratulating Maximilian McCann on receiving a Provost & Deiss Award for Graduate Research for his project “Transcription factor CREB3L3 prevents whole-body metabolic dysfunction by regulating adipose function.”
Link: Provost & Diess Awards

Faculty In The News: Mark Rasenick, PhD
Mark Rasenick and his group's paper in Journal of Biological Chemistry was selected as a Paper of the Week by the journal. This paper on the delayed impact of antidepressants was discussed by ASBMB Today on page 11 of their October issue.
Link to Journal of Biological Chemistry article:
Link to ASBMB issue: ASBMB Today

New Program: Master of Science in Medical Physiology
The Department of Physiology and Biophysics is proud to announce the start of a new master’s program in August of 2016, the Master of Science in Medical Physiology. The new MS program is now accepting applications. More information is available here