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Administrative Staff

Name Office Phone Email
Kamil Czarnowski
Human Resources Associate
E704B MSB 312-413-1119
Erin Fagan
Academic Advisor
E703 MSB 312-996-3994
Nicole Gallardo
Office Support Specialist (EH)
E202 MSB 312-996-1645
Monica Horga
Manager of Research Operations
204F CMW 312-355-3664
Colleen Hussey
Human Resources Associate
203C CMW 312-996-2331
Megan Konley
Manager of Research Operations
E704D MSB 312-413-3972
Laura Scott
Dept Information Supervisor
E202 MSB 312-996-7620
K Lea Smucker
Director of Administrative Operations
E231 MSB 312-996-6792
Charles Snider
Research Information Specialist
2143 COMRB 312-996-5693
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