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Publications from the department: Mark Brodie, PhD

November 8th 2017 - We would like to congratulate Dr. Mark Brodie's team and Dr. Amy Lasek from the department of Psychiatry for their recent publication: Estradiol increases the sensitivity of ventral tegmental area dopamine neurons to dopamine and ethanol. The article describes how high levels of estrogen increase the alcohol sensitivity of the ventral tegmental area (the "reward center") in the brain. As to Dr. Lasek explains it: "This means that women might be more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol or more likely to overindulge during certain stages of their cycle when estrogen levels are higher, or may be more likely to seek out alcohol during those stages". Read more about it at UIC News.

Publications from the Department: Carlos Stocco, PhD

November 1st 2017 - Congratulation to Dr. Stocco and his team for their recent publication: Regulation of AMH by oocyte-specific growth factors in human primary cumulus cells in Reproduction which was selected as Editor's Choice. AMH levels are widely used as a maker for ovarian reserve in fertility assessments. This work provides an insight into the regulation of AMH in humans, which will help to more accurately interpret circulating levels of AMH in clinical applications, such as infertility treatments.

Undergraduate Research Grants - Kyleen Jan, Morgan Win and Kevin Kappenman

October 26th, 2017 - Congratulations to Kyleen Jan and Morgan Win, undergraduate research assistants in the Naba lab, and Kevin Kappenman in the Russell Lab, for having been awarded Undergraduate Research Grants from UIC's Honors College!

Trainees awards: Yash Patel, Christopher Solis, and Taliha Nadeem

October 1st, 2017 - Congratulations to Yash Patel for being awarded a Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Award (CURA) to conduct research in the Naba lab!

Congratulations to Dr. Christopher Solis, Postodc in the Russell lab, and Ms. Taliha Nadeem, Master's student in the Cuervo lab for being awarded poster prizes at the 2017 CCVR Research Symposium.

Congratulations Dr. O'Donnell on being awarded an R01 from the NIGMS!

September 26th, 2017 - Our own Dr. J. Michael O'Donnell and Dr. Terry Vanden Hoek (Head, Emergency Medicine), both member of UIC Center for Cardio-Vascular Research (CCVR), were awarded a multi-PI grant from the NIGMS for their application entitled: "Novel Therapies for CPR". The study tests a new bio-therapeutic designed to improve survival and recovery from sudden cardiac arrest using a TAT fused PTEN inhibitor peptide administered at the time of CPR. Again, congratulations Dr. O'Donnell.

Publications from the department: Henar Cuervo, PhD

August 3rd 2017 - Congratulations to Dr. Cuervo and her team in their newly published manuscript: PDGFRβ-P2A-CreERT2 mice: a genetic tool to target pericytes in angiogenesis. This novel mouse line will be instrumental in the vascular field and will allow to gain a deeper understanding of the role of pericytes in physiological and pathological settings.

Publications from the department: Alexandra Naba, PhD

July 31st 2017 - More exciting research from Dr. Naba has recently been accepted for publication: The in-silico zebrafish matrisome: A new tool to study extracellular matrix gene and protein functions. The zebrafish is one of the most utilized model organisms in biomedical research. This first in-silico zebrafish matrisome report will most certainly be helpful in both fundamental and translational discoveries.

Publications from the department: Carlos Stocco, PhD

July 13th 2017 - Dr. Stocco's article IGF1R Expression in Ovarian Granulosa Cells Is Essential for Steroidogenesis, Follicle Survival, and Fertility in Female Mice was selected as one of three papers that will be featured on the homepage for the July issue of Endocrinology. Read more about it here: Female Fertility: It Takes Two to Tango. Congratulations to Dr. Stocco and his team!

July 10th 2017 - Publications from the department: Alexandra Naba, PhD

Another great publication from our faculty member Dr. Naba: Characterization of the ECM of normal and diseased tissues using proteomics. In this article, you will find protocols to extract and analyze extracellular matrix proteins from normal and diseased tissues. These protocols are presented using 2 examples: Triple-negative breast cancer and adjacent mammary tissue, and omental metastasis from high-grade serous ovarian cancer and normal omentum. This type of characterization of the extracellular matrix provides a framework for identification of extracellular matrix proteins that might have diagnostic or therapeutic value.

Publications from the department: Alexandra Naba, PhD

June 26th 2017 - Congratulations Dr. Naba on a new fantastic publication Quantitative proteomics identify Tenascin-C as a promoter of lung cancer progression and contributor to a signature prognostic of patient survival. In this article in collaboration with the group of Dr. Tyler Jacks, the authors characterized the extracellular matrix composition of the healthy lung, fibrotic lung, and lung primary tumors and metastases to establish specific profiles linked to the different types of lung disease. They identified that expression of genes encoding for Tenascin-C, S100A10, and S100A11 can predict survival in patients with lung adenocarcinoma. Using mouse models, they demonstrate that increased Tenascin-C leads to enhances metastasis in the lung. Their findings shed light into new diagnostic markers and potential therapeutic targets for lung cancer.

Student Award: David Ryba

June 10th 2017 - Please join me in congratulating David Ryba on his Young Investigator Award from the North American Section of the International Society for Heart Research (ISHR). This annual award was established by ISHR to recognize outstanding research in the field of cardiovascular science by young investigators. A panel of judges selected the recipient based on scientific merit of the manuscript, quality of the presentation, and responses to questions asked during the discussion period. David's co-advisors are John Solaro and Beata Wolska.

Faculty On The News: Mark Rasenick, PhD

May 4th 2017 - The current research of our faculty member Dr. Mark Rasenick and his team has been recently featured in a news article in the prestigious journal Nature: Party drug's power to fight depression puzzles scientists. Dr. Rasenick has a long-standing interest and expertise in the cellular and molecular mechanisms of action of antidepressants. His work identifying how ketamine (an anesthetic, also used as a recreational drug) rearranges the membrane of cultured rat glial cells after only 15 minutes of exposure sheds important light into novel mechanisms of action of this drug and is a great contribution to the quest of finding optimal medications to treat depression.

Publications From The Department: Alexandra Naba, PhD

May 1st 2017 - Another great article from Dr. Naba has been recently accepted for publication: Proteomic characterization of human multiple myeloma bone marrow extracellular matrix. In this manuscript the authors profile the extracellular matrix composition of the bone marrow from patients with multiple myeloma. They also describe how changes occurring in the extracellular matrix composition during this disease might provide useful prognostic markers for multiple myeloma survival outcomes.

Publications From The Department: Carlos Stocco, PhD

April 12th 2017 - Congratulations to Dr. Stocco and his lab for their work entitled GF1R Expression in Ovarian Granulosa Cells is Essential for Steroidogenesis, Follicle Survival, and Fertility in Female Mice where they describe the critical role that Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 Receptor (IGF1R) plays in Granulosa Cell function. Understanding how IGF1R signaling regulates Granulosa Cell function and Follicle growth will aid on the design on future female fertility treatments.

Publications From The Department: Chong Wee Liew, PhD and Michael O'Donnell, PhD

April 12th 2017 - This is a great example of collaborations within our department. Congratulations to the team of Dr. Liew and Dr. O'Donnell on their recently published manuscript: Multiphasic Regulation of Systemic and Peripheral Organ Metabolic Responses to Cardiac Hypertrophy. Their study elucidates how the metabolic response changes in a mouse model of cardiac hypertrophy. These findings point to possible new avenues for treating cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Publications From The Department: Jonna Frasor, PhD

April 10th 2017 - We would like to congratulate Dr. Frasor and her team for their published work: A Novel Strategy to Co-target Estrogen Receptor and Nuclear Factor κB Pathways with Hybrid Drugs for Breast Cancer Therapy. In this manuscript, they demonstrate how hybrid drugs which inhibit both the Estrogen Receptor and the NFkB pathway may represent a new approach to targeting Breast Cancer.

Faculty award: Mark Rasenick, PhD

April 5th 2017 - We are proud of our faculty member Dr. Rasenick, who is the recipient of the 2017 College of Medicine Faculty of the Year Award. This award recognizes his contributions in the field of neuroscience, his commitment to the advancement of international scientific cooperation, and his long-term contributions as a scholar and educator.

Publications From The Department: Alexandra Naba, PhD

March 21st 2017 - Check out the newly published paper from our faculty member Alexandra Naba where they characterize the composition of the extracellular matrix produced in vitro by different types of mesenchymal stem cells: Comprehensive proteomic characterization of stem cell-derived extracellular matrices. This study also highlights the importance of the extracellular matrix in the biology and specific properties of different mesenchymal stem cell populations. Congratulations on your work, Dr. Naba!

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