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Bárány Student Award

In recognition of a graduate student who is diligent, conscientious, punctual, well organized and displays a high degree of integrity

A renown muscle physiologist, Dr. Kate Bárány joined the faculty of the department of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in 1974. At UIC, Kate continued her scientific accomplishments, while at the same time displaying a unique and avid dedication to classroom teaching, and to helping women students and faculty cope with the special issues facing their pursuit of careers in science, medicine, and education. She received the coveted Golden Apple Award from medical students and University wide teaching recognitions. As an active member of the UIC Committee on the Status of Women, she saw no barrier too big to overcome. Kate was instrumental in establishing the UIC Children's Center and fought for flexible tenure and career guidance for women in science and for an end to the practice of paying lower pensions to women who had invested the same rate as men. In recognition of her active efforts as well as her history as a role model going back to a period when very few women chose a scientific profession, Kate was named Woman of the Year at UIC in 1996.*

Kate Bárány Graduate Student Award

1998 – Miroslav O. Stojanovic
1999 – Christian C. Evans
2000 – Michael C. Risk
2001 – Veronica L. Rundell
2002 – Roli Prasad
2003 – Haytham Mansour
2004 – Aurora Shehu
2005 – Patti Engel
2006 – Sarah Scruggs
2007 – Witchuda Saengsawang

2008 – Yalda Afshar
2009 – Jamie Le
2010 – Sudarat Nimitvilai
2011 – Jill Bennett
2012 – Leonid Serebryannyy
2013 – Sarah Baumgarten
2014 – Jada Domingue
2015 – Scott Convissar
2016 – Bertha Vandegrift
2017 – David Ryba

*Adapted from: Solaro, RJ and Rao, MC, Kate Bárány: a life of science, teaching, and service J Muscle Res Cell Motil (2012) 33:369?371