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Hawley Faculty Awards

In recognition of the faculty members who best represent those values held dear by Dr. Hawley: Supportiveness, Enthusiasm, Sincerity

This award was established by the students of the Department of Physiology and Biophysics to honor Dr. Philip L. Hawley shortly after his sudden death in 1993. Dr. Hawley was born in Hartford, Connecticut. After receiving his undergraduate degree Bowdoin College and his masters degree at Wesleyan College be began teaching at the American University in Beirut. He returned to receive his doctorate at the University of Illinois before returning to teaching overseas at the Haile Selassie I University in Ethiopia eventually becoming the dean of students. He returned to the US to teach at Loyola University before joining our Department of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1966. His teaching was very popular with the students and he was a great supporter of them.

Philip L. Hawley Distinguished Faculty Award

1993 – Dr. James L. Ferguson
1994 – Dr. Mrinalini C. Rao
1995 – Dr. Mark M. Rasenick
1996 – Dr. Geula Gibori
1997 – Dr. Mrinalini C. Rao
1998 – Dr. Kate Bárány
1999 – Dr. R. John Solaro
2000 – Dr. Sergey Popov
2001 – Dr. Jesús García-Martínez
2002 – Dr. Pieter P. de Tombe
2003 – Dr. Beata M. Wolska
2004 – Dr. Mark M. Rasenick
2005 – Dr. Mrinalini Rao

2006 – Dr. R. John Solaro
2007 – Dr. Geula Gibori
2008 – Dr. John M. Kennedy
2009 – Dr. John M. Kennedy
2010 – Dr. R. John Solaro
2011 – Dr. Carlos Stocco
2012 – Dr. Mrinalini C. Rao
2013 – Dr. Carlos Stocco
2014 – Dr. Randal C. Jaffe
2015 – Dr. Mark Brodie
2016 – Dr. John M. Kennedy
2017 – Dr. Carlos Stocco