Administrative Staff

Name Office Phone
Cesar Alvarado
Director of Administrative Operations
522 CMWT 312-996-3836
Paul Hixon
Manager of Research Operations
522 CMWT 312-355-3664
Laura Scott
Senior Business Manager
522 CMWT 312-996-7620
Edgar Solis
Academic Advisor
522 CMWT 312-996-3293

Basic Science Shared Services

Name Office Phone
Brooke Baizan
Shared Service HR Associate
2073 MBRB
Luis Jimenez
Shared Service Technical Associate
703 MSB
Megan Konley
Manager of Research Operations, Pre Award
E704A MSB 312-413-3972
Karen Righeimer
Director of Basic Science HR Shared Service
E704B MSB 312-996-2331
Charles Snider
Information Technology Manager
2143 COMRB 312-996-5693