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Doctoral Program Curriculum & Guidelines

PhD Program Code: 20FS1584PHD
Anticipated length of Program: 4-5 years

Application and Guidelines

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GEMS Curriculum First Year

Semester 1 (Fall):
The students should take three electives out of these four courses (3 credits each).
GCLS 500 - Physiology
GCLS 501 - Biochemistry 
GCLS 502 - Molecular Biology
GCLS 503 - Cell Biology

The student should take one or two modules of:
GCLS 504 - Research Methods I (1-2 modules, 1-2 credits). This is a modular course that allows students to take 
the modules that seem most appropriate for their research interests.

One rotation should be done this semester.
GCLS 506 - 1 research rotation in last half of semester (2 credits)
Semester 2 (Spring):
Two core courses from:
GCLS 510 - Integrative Biology-Development, Cancer, and Immunology
GCLS 511 - Molecular Genetics
GCLS 515 - Receptor Pharmacology and Cell Signaling
BCMG 513 - Structure of Biopolymers
PHYB 552 - Advanced Physiology (5 credits)	
PATH 510 - General Pathology and other specialized courses

The student should take one or two modules of:
GCLS 505 - Research Methods II (1-2 modules, 1-2 credits)

Two rotations should be done this semester.
GCLS 506 - Two 8-week research rotations
First-year students are also expected to attend departmental journal clubs and research seminars.

Additionally, students must take:
GCLS 401 - Scientific Integrity and Responsible Research 
GCLS 470 - Essentials for Animal Research if their research involves animals.

Students should work full-time in a laboratory during the summer semester between the first and second years. 
They should register for PHYB 599 with at least 8 credits hours.

Second Year for Physiology and Biophysics Students

GCLS 500 - Physiology if the student did not take GCLS500 the first year
PHYB 552 - Human Physiology II if the student did not take PHYB 552 the first year
PHYB 591 - Departmental Seminar
PHYB 599 - Thesis Research (12 credits fall/winter semester, 8 credits summer semester)
Students should take some of the following courses to complete credit hours:
PHYB 586 - Cell Physiology (3 credits)
PHYB 530 - Stem Cells (2 credits)
PHYB 571 - Clinical Applications of Physiology I (2 credits)
PHYB 572 - Clinical Applications of Physiology II (2 credits)

Third Year and beyond

All Physiology and Biophysics students are required to register for:
PHYB 591 - Departmental Seminar
PHYB 599 - Thesis Research (12 credits for the fall and winter semester and 8 credits for the summer semester)
Qualifying Examination should be completed on/or before September 1st of the third year. 
The Mid-Thesis Seminar must be presented before the end of year 4.

Additional Requirements

Qualifying exam: Must be taken before starting Third Year

Mid-Thesis Seminar: Presentation of a seminar on the topic of the student's thesis work. This is presented when a student has completed approximately 50% of the laboratory work toward their thesis. Students must register for PHYB595.

Annual Seminar: Students are required to present a 20-minute progress seminar once a year for the department, unless they have scheduled their Mid-Thesis or Final Defense that academic year.

Requirements for MD/PhD program

Requirement: M.D./Ph.D. students must successfully pass Boards Part I.

No requirement for core GEMS courses offered in the first semester.

All other required courses for Physiology PhD students will be required for MD/PhD students.