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MS in Medical Physiology Program Curriculum & Guidelines

Masters Program Code: 20FS5512MS
Anticipated length of Program: 1 years

Program Announcement

Master of Science in Medical Physiology

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Application and Guidelines

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Course Schedule

Fall Semester - Course Title Credits Director
PHYB 551
Human Physiology I
5 credits Popov
PHYB 571
Clinical Applications of Physiology I
2 credits Popov
PHYB 530
Stem Cells
2 credits Russell/Liew
ANAT 441
Gross Human Anatomy
5 credits Cotanche
PHYB 591
Departmental Seminar
1 credit  
Spring Semester - Course Title Credits Director
PHYB 552
Human Physiology II
5 credits Brodie/Jaffe
PHYB 572
Clinical Applications of Physiology II
2 credits Popov
ANAT 403
Human Neuroanatomy
3 credit TBD
ANAT 443
Case Studies in Clinical Anatomy
3 credit Klopp
PHYB 586
Cell Physiology
3 credits O'Donnell
PHYB 591
Department Seminiar
1 credit  


Additional Notes and Requirements

Total of 32 hours post-baccalaureate is required.